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sunrock distributed generation

Welcome To The Future Of Your Energy Needs

PPA & lease financing for businesses and nonprofits

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Why Work With Us

Sunrock is a best-in-class energy aggregation platform unlocking access to solar & storage for small and medium sized businesses.

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Turn-Key Solutions

From project origination to solar energy delivery and asset management, Sunrock is there for you in every step of the way.

Nationwide Partners

Sunrock works with 400+ quality installers / developers nationwide to deliver solar energy to you, wherever you are.

Proprietary Financing

Sunrock evaluates rated and unrated businesses to provide accessible and affordable solar energy to all commercial clients.

In-House Experts

Sunrock’s design, engineering, operations & maintenance professionals have decades of experience in the solar industry to provide valuable guidance throughout the process.


Partnered with Greenbacker

Sunrock has partnered with Greenbacker Development Opportunities Fund I, L.P. ("GDEV") to jointly build out a commercial solar/storage aggregation platform. Greenbacker has extensive experience acquiring, constructing, and operating solar assets. Stats below are as of November 2023.


Investment capital in sustainable infrastructure


Total power-
generating capacity
of renewables fleet


Offtakers with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)


Number of renewable assets

For Businesses & Organizations

Is your organization looking to save money?

From design to ongoing operations, Sunrock is your one-stop shop for cheaper & more reliable energy.

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For partners

Are you an EPC or solar developer?

Sunrock partners with 400+ installers/developers across 50 states to originate, finance, and acquire solar projects at various stages of development.

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