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Join the thousands of schools across the country who save on energy costs and reduce their environmental impact by going solar.


Your schools will benefit through Sunrock's three E's of solar:


By lowering energy costs through a solar PPA, schools can reallocate extra budget space for more important items, such as teacher salaries, student programs, or other facility needs. School districts can also enjoy price certainty from a PPA over the long term instead of estimating utility costs that fluctuate over time. Federal, state and private initiatives make it easier and more affordable than ever to make the switch.


Does your state now require large buildings, including school facilities, to lower greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2030 and obtain net zero status by 2040? On-site renewable energy can directly contribute to these goals.

Showcase solar to students

District officials and teachers can leverage on-site solar for unique teaching and training opportunities. Each Sunrock Distributed Generation system includes monitoring software that teachers can leverage for their lesson plans and curricula. Plus, our experts are available to serve as guest speakers to showcase the district's decision to adopt renewable energy.