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Healthcare organizations in the U.S. spend over $8 billion on energy each year.


Switching to solar not only helps healthcare facilities save on energy, it also helps them eliminate the negative health impacts of fossil fuel-generated. For an industry dedicated to human health, going solar is a win-win.

Meet sustainability goals

No matter where in the U.S. your healthcare facility is located, it is likely that it will soon be required – perhaps by federal, state, or local mandates – to take meaningful steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Whether your sustainability goals originate from internal initiatives or external regulations, on-site renewable energy will help you meet your targets.

Create budget space

By lowering energy costs through a solar PPA / solar equipment lease, healthcare facilities can reallocate extra budget space for other important initiatives, such as staff salaries, expanding services to low- and moderate-income patients, or other facility needs. Healthcare facilities can also enjoy price certainty from a PPA / solar equipment lease over the long term instead of estimating utility costs that fluctuate over time.

Showcase solar to the local community

Healthcare facilities can benefit from on-site solar in unexpected ways, including improved public perception. Renewable energy such as solar is widely known to be a boon for the environment, but it also improves public health by reducing exposure to the pollutants associated with fossil fuel extraction and power generation. Improving the health of local communities and empowering the healthcare facilities that serve them is part of Sunrock's mission.