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Moving to on-site solar can lower your operations costs, increasing your organization's budget certainty


Economic benefits

Not only does going solar reduce your monthly bills to provide financial benefits immediately, it also help protect your organization from future volatility in electricity rates, especially as rates have increasing rapidly in recent years. Solar offers a fixed lower price for electricity, making it easier for you to project future costs many nonprofits lack the funding to install a solar panel system.

Many non-profits do not have the funds to purchase solar panels themselves. This is why Sunrock is created our PPA / lease programs, allowing you pay noting upfront, and simply pay us a monthly amount (which is lower than your current electricity bill). We cover the cost of installation and maintenance over the lifetime of the solar system.

Social and environmental benefits

In addition to saving your organization money, adopting solar reduces our country's reliance on foreign energy and contributes to green jobs in your local economy for constructing and managing solar systems. It also decreases your organization's carbon emissions footprint, increasing your contribution to making the world a better place for current and future generations.